International Action

The  solidarity  shown  by  the  international  community  for  the landless  people  of  India  is  of  paramount  significance.    During Janadesh, about 250 people from 20 countries participated. What we saw  in Janadesh was a  radical shift  in  the  international community.  International  organizations  and  individuals  are  becoming increasingly willing to join political movements that fight for a more equitable  distribution  of  power.  In  the  present  world,  while
globalization  has  so  many  negative  effects,  it  is  important  to consider  its positive power and  take advantage of  it  to struggle  for justice.
The  international  community  will  be  welcome  to  support Jansatyagraha 2012 by participating in the march as well as by a “1 Euro 1 day (from 2011) /1 euro 1 week (from 2009) campaign”.

In 2012, many programmes in foreign countries will be organized in
solidarity with Jansatyagraha.

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