Formation of community grain bank

One of the building blocks of a social organization is that people work together and build consensus at the village and local level. Based on this formation some action started like the development of a grain bank, and the community gradually builds itself into a campaign-mode.

This is a method devised by Ekta Parishad to fight indebtedness and the existence of bonded labourers in the villages.  At the time of rural poverty, the agricultural labourer is forced to borrow grains from the money lender or landlord with an interest rate often not less than 50%.  As the labourer fails to return the loan back, they are charged interest until the only way repayment can be made is through his labour being bonded.  The idea of grain bank was conceived to release labourers from the bondage i.e. the hands of the money lender. Villagers deposited a share of their produce with the grain bank, from where grain was given to the needy villagers at 20% interest.  This helped them to repay the loan taken from the landlord.  This collective endeavour is a tool for freeing the labourer and the family from debt, but also a method of social mobilization.