Ekta Shanti Manch



What is Ekta Shanti Manch?

International network of non-violent activists

Violence, hunger, inequality and the ecological crisis are the main challenges of the 21st century. Today humanity must find a way out of those problems. Inspired by Gandhi‘s principle of non-violence, Ekta Shanti Manch promotes the well-being of all. It works to provide a constructive approach to remove suffering and injustice. Ekta Shanti Manch means ‚united peace forum‘. The network was launched in India by Ekta Parishad, a non-violent movement of landless people, struggling for access to land and livelihood resources. By joining Ekta Shanti Manch one is making a strong commitment to become the change we want to see in the world. The inner change of everyone is the starting point for non-violence, as well as true peace and justice.

Why join the network?

Being part of the non-violent struggle for another world

In 2012 Ekta Parishad organizes Jan Satyagraha 2012 – a 350 km long nonviolent march of 100‘000 poor and marginalized people to the capital Delhi. Every new member supports this struggle for survival and justice. Unless a solution to the land problems of the global south is found ‚another world‘ is not possible.
Membership contributes also to the growth of a international network for peace and justice. Through Facebook and the JiNOV international website members can interact and launch nonviolent initiatives around the globe.
Finally, all members get a personal peace and justice identity card. It provides advantages like regular informations about Ekta Parishad‘s training camps and mobilizations, the Ekta Parishad information kit with films, audios, photos as well as possibilities for guided visits through the working areas of Ekta Parishad.