You may remember that 25,000 landless marginalized people walked all the way from Gwalior to Delhi in October 2007, asking the Government to formulate a national land reforms policy. Under this pressure, the Government was forced to create a national land reforms committee/council to work on a national land reforms policy. We aresorry to inform you that in spite of a large number of recommendations forwarded to the Prime Minister, as well as several reminders about his commitment by the member of the council, not even a single meeting was called to discuss the policy framework. On the contrary, the Government was systematically forcing farmers, Dalits, and Adivasis out of their livelihood resources.
These grievances happened in the name of development by projects related to mining, wildlife protection, industrialization, and infrastructure development. It is a great concern that large numbers of people are forced to live under acute poverty or migrate to cities and slums. It is also a matter of great concern that large numbers of young people in different parts of the country are taking to
violence as a last resort to protect their life and dignity.

In order to create people’s opinion against this process of development, Ekta Parishad is planning to take out a Yatra for one year. We will begin from Kanyakumari on the 2nd October 2011, and reach Gwalior on the 2nd October 2012 after covering 350 districts in the country. The last part of the action will be a foot march by 100,000 people from Gwalior to Delhi, covering a distance of 350 km in a period of 35 days. Throughout the Yatra we will be demanding a
comprehensive land reforms policy/legislation for the redistribution of land
and natural resources to the marginalized communities of India. En route from
Kanyakumari to Gwalior, there will be many activities like rallies and public
meetings throughout the year.