International Actions


Global Land Campaign 2012 – Agenda
2012 Country Date Action
January Europe The Other Davos
March Nepal 15-30th Starting from Consitution Building, 1000 women sit on a demonstration in Kathmandu and all districts.
Kenya Introduce the campaign for African Level Coalition in Rwanda. Every coalition requested to initiate action
Indonesia Opposition of land acquisition at the parliament. Mobilizing people from several sectors – laborers, volunteers, indigenous people to join
Brazil Women’s peasant movement in march throughout Brazil for land rights and agricultural reforms
Colombia FEDAGROMISBOL ecological tour of Papayal against palm production and Red of Inciatives regional conference
April Indonesia 17th Commemoration of the day when mass killing of farmers took place in Brazil, along with Civil Society Organizations
Brazil Struggle for land all over Brazil
Mai Nepal Building on networking to support Nepal’s land reform processState and National consultations among activists and academicians.
Colombia Day of Mobilizations in CAHUCOPANA
June Philippines 10th Demonstration before Dept. of Agrarian Reform by 7 major coalition partners
Indonesia Advocacy on drafting laws for farmers protection.
August Brazil Mobilization of campesinios, encampments in the capital and different states of Brazil
September Indonesia 24th National Farmers Day
October Philippines 16th Publish posters o land, food and agriculture and dissemination at regional level
Nepal Encirclement of the Indian Embassy and submission of memorandums.
Thailand 1stMonday of October- World Habitat DayAction: Major campaign targeting Government, UN Agencies and International bodies.
Indonesia 16th World Food Day- Theatrical Demonstrations
Brazil Mobilizations
Colombia Minga Mobilizations
Europe 2cond March from different parts of Europe to Paris and London
India 2 Jan Satyagraha 2012: 100’000 people march from Gwalior to Delhi