Letter from Sarva Seva Sangh in support of Jansatyagraha


Dated 3rd October 2012




Dr.  Manmohan Singh

Hon’ble  Prime Minister

Government of India

New Delhi


Sub:  Appeal for Justice to Jan Satyagraha 2012 and to consider the demand for land reforms and providing right to shelter and land  for livelihood to the deprives.

Respected Dr. Manmohan Singh Jee

Our best of regards and warm greetings to you   and your colleagues who have tried their best in resolving the above demands through dialogue on the land right issue of the Adivasis, Dalits, Fisher folk  and the poorest community .

I  joined the Jana Satyagraha 2012   meeting held at Gwalior on 2nd October  with a hope the  continued dialogue and concern of your Government will resolve the demands with a declaration and assurance to the crowd of 50,000 Satyagrahis  on their genuine demands for their rights  to land, shelter and to right to live with dignity . But the appeal of the Jan Satyagraha and  declaration  of the honorable Minister of Rural Development   could not converge  and the Satyagraha panchayat  of 50,000 poorest  of the poor people  are on march to Delhi for justice to their demands . The way the Satyagrahis are on road and their dissatisfaction pains me a lot and therefore writing  to you with a hope that your leadership and concern for the poor community  in India will continue dialogue for an alternative resolution  amicably which will be acceptable to both .

I specially write this to you from this roadside where the satyagrahis sleeping under sky in the road side. The Satygraha lead by the Gandhian leader Rajgopalan P.V. and Adivasis  leaders have begun Jan Satyagraha yesterday early morning from Gwalior because your Government and the Ministry of Rural Development which had promised new magna carta of land reforms as part of  ongoing dialogues on the demands over the last many months went back on its promise. The movement is a part of a long tradition on non-violent struggle for land dignity and peace in India. Five years ago, 25000 people led by Ekta Parishad had marched from Gwalior to Delhi from 2nd  October 2007 for nearly a month demanding for land reforms and providing dignity to the landless and the marginalized. A committee was constituted under your chairmanship to look into the demands but no follow up action was initiated  aftermath  in last five years.

The Jan Satyagraha 2012  are open to continue dialogue and appeal you to kindly consider their demands immediately. The Gandhians believe in dialogue and like to resolve the issues in a peaceful means and I strongly believe that  your dynamic leadership and transparent personality will give justice to the demands and  with serious intervention  . I like to inform you that last time during Janadesh 2007, thirteen people were killed on the road. This time with 50000 people marching to Delhi many more may face   serious troubles  which  also need compassionate  consideration  at your end . I on the behalf of  the Gandhians request you to kindly take responsibility to address the problem of their rights to land and shelter and right to the livelihood immediately .


Looking forward to hearing from you .


With kind regards,

Sincerely Your’s

( Radha Bhatt  )


Sarva Seva sangh ,Sevagramme,Wardha,Maharastra



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