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Action Points from Land Reforms pre-task-force Meeting


S. No. Action Responsibility Timelines
Draft National Land Reforms Policy and Strategy


Dr. Mihir Shah & Mr. Vijay Anand. 90 days
Draft Central Legislations on

(i)                Provision of Agricultural Land and;

(ii)  Separate legislation on Homestead Land

Mr. K. Raju 90 days
Draft Redesigned IAY Scheme, with revised unit costs and provision for homestead as part of shelter or independent of shelter. Mr. Vijay Anand 45 days
Draft Centrally sponsored scheme on Fast Track Land Tribunals Ministry of Rural Development and Law Ministry 60 days
Draft advisories to the States Ekta Parishad with assistance from Mr. K. Raju 30 days
  • First Formal Meeting of the Task Force shall be on November 16th, 2012 at 11:00 AM.
  • Working draft of the Advisories (listed at 5) shall be submitted by the members of the Task Force by the Next Meeting.