People deprived of land rights even in the adjoining

26 May 2012, Sehore

The first stop of Yatra was Barbatpur village of Budhni tehsil in Sehore district where a meeting was held by Adivasi Sanrachna Sewa Sansthan.Navalsingh said in meeting that 14 families were occupants on forest land for last 40 years. The Government employees had illegally collected money from them in the name of issueing land lease. All families have made claims under the Forest Rights Act but there has not been any action on administrative level yet. Mansur Bhai said that he occupied revenue land in the year 2002 and started farming the land for last 5 years the crop was being destroyed. He was sent to jail in the year 2009 but after all applications he had not been able to get land lease. Ramchandra said that for his land in Amajiri village, he was struggling for last 12 years and had to go to jail for it but decision for his land had not yet come. Mohanlal said while addressing the meeting that for the past 20 years he was farming on occupied forest land but was threatened repeatedly by forest department. Even after enactment of Forest Rights Act, he was unable to get legal land lease so far. Gita Bai of Kerijakad village said that she sold firewhood as her only source of income. She had neither land nor opportunity of labor in the village. She felt that the question of their livelihood would be included in the Jansatyagraha, in which she would participate. The second leg of the Yatra was Kamton panchayat of Raisen district where a public meeting was organized by the Panchayat Representatives. While addressing the meeting Member of Janpad Panchayat, Om Prakash said that he was cultivating on occupied forest land for last 10 years but inspite of filing the claim he did not get land right till today. Motilal, Sarpanch of Kansia, said that claim forms filled in his village were hidden somewhere by officials and it was only when an application was given to the Collector that processing started for 40 applications but still not a single claim was settled till date. Bersinh of Sakari village said that under forest rights act, 10 claims were settled but not on all those lands on which claims were made. Speaking on the occasion, Rampyari said that for almost 70 years, 25 tribal families were cultivating on occupied forest land but now seeds of Babul had been sown on their land by forest department. Forest Department officials asked for money but as those poor people could not oblise, they were facing problems. From all the villages, people would participate in the Jansatyagraha, she declared.

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