No adequate Government attention on the problem

19th May 2012, Jabalpur

On May 19, the first leg of the journey was at Majhgawan village of Jabalpur district, where a meeting was held by Jay Bharatiya Sikshan Sansthan. While addressing the meeting, Mukesh Bhai said that in this region, 13 villages would come under the submergence area of proposed Ataria dam. People have been intimated by the government but the issues raised by villagers have not been responded to by the Government.He said that the area was also known for its marble industry. In this area there were many small and big mining and marble companies involved in large scale destruction of the environment. After complaints by the villagers of the area, so far no action has been taken against the companies. Ram Vishal said that on last May 15, a public hearing was organized on the issue of expansion project of a local marble company but the local authorities completely ignored the issues raised by the villagers to allow the company to go ahead. The second stop of the Yatra was at the city of Jabalpur, where an organization called Kadam, greeted the Yatra and organized an interaction session with representatives of urban area. Councillor, Ms Archana said that no proper institutions have have been developed for the education of poor children in urban areas due to which the children are forced to work as child labour. She told that in Jansatyagrah movemen, representatives from urban areas should also participate actively so that the educated lot could play its part in the elimination of exploitation and poverty in the society to play.
The third leg of the journey was at a slum named Gajinagar of Jabalpur city itself where a large eeting of nearly 200 women was organized by an organization called Kshitij. At the meeting, explaining their problems, slum dweller Sabina Behan said that they were living in the slum for last 35 years. In this Muslim locality of about 350 households, most of the people were wage labourers. In the absence of proper employment most of the slum dwellers were forced to live below the poverty line. It was a settlement on government land, so the municipality was putting constant pressure to vacate this land. She wished that this Jansatyagrah would raise the issues of slum dwellers at appropriate level of the government.


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