Need to link land issues with elections of People Representatives

17th May 2012, Katni

On May 17, the Yatra had the stoppage at the office of Manav Jeevan Vikas Samiti, Majhgawan,
where a meeting was held with social development organizations. Addressing the meeting, senior journalist Ajay Tiwari said that under present governance, the issue of Land Reform was being relegated as irrelevant in a strategic way even when about 65 % of the population was directly dependent on agricultural economy. He told that in coming days the land issue should be linked with the election of people’s representatives. The Speaker of Bihar Assembly, Mr.Uday Narayan Chaudhary said that there was a hope for justice among masses when the Constitution was made in fifth decade of last the Fundamental Rights were incorporated in it. But later on, these rights were ignored by the elected governments and oppressive policies were induced causing disappointment among public towards democratic values. He told that this kind of situation could be challenged only through the collective strength of the society.


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