Incresed migration due to loss of livelihood resources

18th May 2012, Katni

Bahoriband village of Katni district was the first stop of the Yatra. A meeting was held by the Ekta Parisad there. Addressing at the meeting, Mrs.Sundari Devi of Amkuhi village said that most people living in the village could not avail any of the livelihoods programs of the government which caused migration.Minabai said that in the Rampur area, land was being grabbed by land-mafia by force.In fact livelihoods for the people of this region was agriculture-based. But now most of the government policies were not in favour of farmers rather with influential people of industries and mining sector. Sakun Bai of Rampur said that government staff took bribe in the name of providing land lease papers for 5 acres of land to each of the occupant landless villagers. Despite complaints lodged by villagers to the state government authorities no action was taken yet. Regional Coordinator, Saroj Behan said that women of Jharauli village had prepared a strong organization and started trying to keep the village free of land issues. Rural women were doing collective farming. Women rganization has observed abstenance from wine due to which the village was peaceful. She said that from this area around 500 persons would participate in Jansatyagrah. Second stop of the Yatra was at Mohla village of Jabalpur district where in a meeting was held by the rural workers of Navrachana Social Service Organization. Regional Coordinator of Ekta Parisad, Santosh Singh said that in the area surrounding nearly 400 villages, Satyagrahis (activists) were identified and grain collection process had started. Around 5000 activists from this region would participate in Jansatyagraha 2012


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