Jansatyagraha Samvad Yatra in Madhya Pradesh..

12th May 2012, Riwa
After travelling the distance of around 47000 kilometers, “Jansatyagrah Samvad Yatra” entered through Riwa district in Madhya Pradesh on 12th May. First stoppage of the yatra was Riwa town where a meeting was organized by social organisations. Senior social worker, Shree Virendra Singh told that attention of the Government was diminishing day by day about water conservation. There were around 14 lakhs ponds
in the country during Independence which has got reduced to 9 lakhs by now. The whole rural life in Bundelkhand was based on ponds. For last few years, people-based campaigns for reconstruction and preservation of ponds have got lessened resulting into severe problems for drinking and irrigation
facilities. In Rewa district, the Panchayat Building of Mehgawan has been constructed after covering a pond. In Rewa district itself, there were about 8000 ponds, out of which nearly 1000 ponds have got affected in the process of urbanization and building construction and have become nonusable for public purposes. Former Janpad President, Mr. Lalji told that water of most of the ponds near towns was being used for industrial and construction purposes. Apart from this, the land around ponds was beind sold illegally. All this has resulted into less availability of irrigation water for cultivation to small and marginal farmers. He wished that the
Jansatyagrah would be able to raise the issue of pond-based agriculture and rural life in front of the government.


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