Land Issues of Manipur

27th March, 2012, Thubul
On the 27th March, the stoppage of the journey was at the Thubul District of Manipur, where a meeting was convened jointly by I.R.D.P.D. and Gandhi Institute of Rural Development. Addressing the meeting, a senior social worker, Mr. Devkaran shared that the symbols of political stability is visible in Manipur after many years. It is high time to provide opportunity for employment to the young by expediting the work of rural development so that violent ways can be tackled indirectly. He said that steps should be taken to withdraw A.F.S.P.A in an organized manner with reconsideration on the privileges given to the armed forces. After this, the way to peace and development can be assured by encouraging the organizations based on non-violent ideology. Senior worker, Mr. Sanaton shared that social workers were facing problems due to special security law. Manipur has become a very dangerous area. He said that all social organizations are unitedly opposing the armed suppression. Therefore, Jansatyagraha is expected to convey their demands to the Govt. of India. The worker of G.I.R.D. Mr. N. Dhananjay said that people were migrating in to valley region from rural areas on a large scale. Therefore, there had been many struggles related to land rights for the last ten years. He shared that more than 50% of population was land less in the valley whereas the people living in the valley from the beginning were not provided honorable residential facilities and land. Now in the name of urban development, the land of the suppressed people is being acquired, that is not justified. Senior woman social worker, Mrs. Thaba shared that the women in Manipur were regarded as the glory of the family. That is why they have privileges in the society but on several occasions they don’t get the right to property. There are some cases when they have been psychologically exploited. Addressing the meeting, the member of Legislature Assembly from Kachhang area, Mr Y. Suryachandra said that in 1940, the rights of local tribes was protected by banning the transfer of tribal land to anybody else. Then, one third of tribal population was spread over 90 percent of land area and now two third of the population is dwelling in 10 percent area of valley region. Even tribal are migrating to valley region now, causing pressure on valley land leading to tussle. The senior worker of G.I.R.D, Mr. Ratan Sharma shared that the non-violent organization should come forward unitedly. He desired that Manipur would get sufficient representation in the crucial movement of Jansatyagraha so that all the problems of state might be placed unitedly before the Govt. of India.


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