Question of autonomy of Curvi and Simasa tribes

26th March 2012 , Imphal

On 26th March, Jansatyagraha Samvad Yatra reached Imphal, the capital of Manipur, from the district Jorahat. During the journey, they had a conversation with Mr.Parashuram, the delegate of Human Rights Watch of the district Curviyangalang. He shared that in the bordering areas of Assam, in a district called, Curviyangalang about 4 lakhs people of Curvi community are settled. Adjoining it, there a highland district Simasa where near about 5 lakhs people of Simasa tribe live in. The Autonomous District Councils have been formed in these frontiers areas. Curviyangalang autonomous council has been organized since year 1986. 26 members in this autonomous council are elected through direct election. But at present, the interference of political parties in these autonomous councils has been increasing continuously. Therefore, the decisions of the council are being made for exclusive political purposes, not for the interests of local community. The main problem in this region is the absence of political delegation. There is only one seat for Member of Parliament for these two regions – Curviyangalang and Simasa whereas it is believed that there should be two seats in this region on the basis of geographical criteria so that the true picture of plans provided and proposed by the central government can be placed before the country. He said that the 50% of the fund provided by the central government is misutilised but state government has not paid adequate attention towards it. In last five years, Petroleum and Iron ores have been discovered in this area. It is believed by the people that the socioeconomic impacts to be caused by the projects must be assessed before the approval of these projects so that the destruction of autonomy of this mountain region could be stopped.


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