The comprehensive support of different organizations to Jansatyagraha

25 March 2012, Jorahat

On the 25th March, the first stoppage of the journey was village Tiyak, where a meeting was convened on behalf of Senior Citizen Forum. Welcoming the travelers, Minali Bara shared that these days the problem of people in Jorahat was of all the four types – political, social, economical and religious. Women have no right on properties. Nor is the government paying attention towards it. The president of Senior Citizen Forum, Mr. Prafful Barua shared that not only India but 73 other countries of the world got their independence using the non –violent means of Mahatma Gandhi. Therefore, the government should respect this grand non – violent mass movement launched for the rights of land and livelihoods. Ex-employee in Air force, Mr. Ashok Kumar told that the government was not ready to listen to the dam –opposing non- violent people. Jansatyagraha would be a very good medium to convey the matters of Assam to the central government. We should face such type of problems being a global family. He said that senior citizens were with this movement.

The 2nd stoppage of this journey was the Jorahat Head quarter, where a meeting was organized by Assam Sahitya Sabha . Addressing the meeting, Miss Mandira Kaleita from Assam Mukti Sangram Samiti shared that the outsiders are purchasing lands in the North East states in such a way that nothing will be left for the local people after a few days only . Truly speaking, the dream of Gandhi is Gramswaraj which has been destroyed by the different governments of the country.

Padamabhushan Das from Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti shared that people of this region are suffering from the problems of water, forest and land. To torture the non- violent strugglers in the name of Maoist has been a common matter these days. The intellectuals of Jorahat announced their support to the Jansatyagraha .


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