Floods: The Serious problem of North-East States

24th March, 2012, Shivasagar

On the 24th of March, the first stoppage of the journey was the village Shalmarha in district Shivsagar, where a meeting was organized by the villagers. Addressing the meeting Mr. Ambeshwar Hazarika stated that the total population of the villages named Phalmoria, Kamarpodia, Jobania, Sentao was about 2500 who are settled at the bank of river Dikho. A drain was made by Assam Govt. in 1947 to control flood. For the last few years, the size of the drain has been increasing because of the change in the river course and siltation in the drain. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Budheshwar Hazarika said that the additional water of the drain has been entering the village for the last ten years causing a great loss of crops and life is badly affected. People living on the either side of the drain have no land lease for residential plots. Therefore, they cannot get any compensation even after the damage caused by flood. There are more than 500 families totally dependent on the agriculture and damage of the crop is never compensated. The Gram Pramukh (village Headman) shared that the villagers are unitedly demanding for the rejuvenation of the drainage so that they get relief. He said that an application for land distribution to homeless families has been submitted to the state government. Mr. Haider Hussain from All India Motorworks Association said that Jansatyagraha is the struggle for the rights of the common people in which the people of North East would participate with a great zeal.

The 2nd stoppage of the journey was the village Magarahat Setia where a meeting was convened. Addressing the meeting Mr. Naren Barua said that the cause of struggle in Ramayana was a woman , that of Mahabharata was land and certainly the next war will be for water . Therefore, the administrative bodies should solve the problems of water and land on time.


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