Srimant Shankerdev Seva Sangh also supported Jansatyagraha

23 March 2012, Shivasagar

On the 23rd Mrach, the stoppage of the journey was in the village Nitan Pukari of district Shivsagar, where a meeting was convened by Srimant Shankardev Seva Sangh. The president of Shrimant Shankardev Seva Sangh, Mr. Rajnikant Dutta shared that about 550 years ago, Shankardev Madhavdev worked for cultural reform in the North-East states and made a Namghar established in each village. With the establishment of Namghar, he started single-lettered Namghar and Lord Srimant was established in the Namghars. Later on, these Namghars became the centre point of cultural, social and political awareness. By means of these Namghars, he started a process to form casteless society. Today there is no discrimination of caste and sex for the entrance in Namghars and meditation on Nirgun (shapeless) God. The village society is free from many social evils due to casteless society. People like to settle the village disputes sitting in the Namghars. So the role of courts is very limited. Many festivals are celebrated in the Namghars round the year that is a powerful stage of social interactions. He said that role of Namghars has become more pertinent than before. The volunteers and social change agents have originated through the Namghars since the Independence. About 30 Lakhs people are member of this Shankardev Seva Sangh. On behalf of this Sangh, there was an announcement in support of Jansatyagraha.

The 2nd stoppage of the journey was the district headquarter, Shivasagar, where different organizations jointly convened a meeting. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Purnkant Jee said that this was the best part of this movement that it had been started from the villages and the farmers were in its centre. He expected that by the end of the movement, the demands related to the rights of the poor would be legally accepted. Miss Monika shared that small traders have to face risk of losing livelihoods due to a new consumer culture after the globalization, on the one hand and due to new policies of direct foreign investment by the companies, on the other, increasing day by day. That is why the interests of small traders are in danger. The other aspect in this whole process in that the local culture of Assam and feelings of mutual respect is decreasing and deteriorating due to it. He hoped that there would be an environment of social and cultural resistance against the globalization through the efforts made by Jansatyagraha. On behalf of the intellectuals of the town, he declared support to the Janstaygraha.


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