Globalization Intensified Land Problem

21th March 2012, Dibrugarh

On March 21, the first halt of the journey was at District Headquarter, Dibrugarh, where a meeting was organized jointly by Sarvodaya Mandal and Shanti Sadhana Ashram. Speaking on the occasion, senior intellectual, Sumit Kumar Barthnakar shared that globalization had established land as a central source of power. Now the land is being developed in the form of commercial estates (Riyasat) instead of political one. The difference between the government and private enterprises is shrinking. He shared that centuries ago when Alexander came to India, the Punjab farmers fought a fierce battle against his army. Later they proclaimed that they would like to die fighting to save their land. Mr. Sunil Kumar Barthankar shared that now a days the plight of small and frontier farmers in upper Assam is same as that of Punjab who are once again being pushed on the way of violence. Senior social worker Mr. Virendra Gogoi shared that the question of land right has been more complicated now than earlier. Open commercialism and trade through the way of globalization is being proved medium of new culture of land. Land acquisition has started on a large scale by the expansion of industrial ranges in the areas like Brepeta and Guwahati of Assam for last ten years. He expressed fear that after dam construction there will be a new way of land acquisition in lower Assam that will affect thousands of farmers.


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