Anti-dam voices even in Narayanpur

19th March, 2012, Narayanpur

On the 19th March, the first stoppage of the journey was the village Padampur, where a meeting was organized by Kasturba Gandhi Rashtriya Trust. The President of the Trust shared that there were 22 centers of Kasturba Gandhi Rashtriya Trust in Assam of which one was there. The land in possession of Trust is given to poor villagers to cultivate. About five years ago, a dam was constructed in Arunachal Pradesh that increased the problems of the villagers. The water from the dam was released without informing the villagers. Thus, this centre as well as the village was submerged every now and then. In this way, the cultivation of the villagers and the land for cultivation has been affected. She shared that due to water of dam, hundreds of pet animals in addition to 35 people had lost their lives so far.

The second stoppage of the journey was at the village Tatibahar in Narayanpur Block where a meeting was convened by the local villagers. Addressing the meeting district council’s member, Mr. Bapu Ji Pega shared that cultivation of vegetable and fruits were done in abundance in this region but the dam water had destroyed everything for last few years. The livelihood of people has been in a great peril due to submergence. Member of Gram Panchayat, Mrs. Vanlata shared that for last five or seven years, the problems of communities were continuously increasing due to dam water. Last year a man died and there was no place for his cremation. Consequently it had to be waited for water level to go down. She further told that last year, there was a marriage ceremony of a girl in the village. Just one day before the marriage of the girl, the water was released from the dam and the whole village submerged. The marriage ceremony had to be performed some 10 kms away from the village. The villagers are facing such types of problems regularly but the government in not paying any attention. After the end the meeting, the villagers announced that they would join Jansatyagraha.


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