ACT 2012 Results are out

Dear Friends of Lorea & Ekta Parishad,

The Barcelona Consensus team has come to the conclusion the proposals of Ekta Parishad and Lorea – which obtained the most support in the consultation – are chosen chosen to be carried out as Action for a Common Transformation (ACT! 2012). The reasons for our decision to award the two organizations ex aequo are the following:

Both organizations have nearly the same number of supporters. Including our criteria (in which votes associated with organizations and movements are higher rated than individuals) both Lorea and Ekta Parishad have received the same amount of support. This is the main reasons for our decision to divide this year’s reward among the two. (In future consultation we will make sure to install more rigorous security filters).

Both organizations have shown a wide range of supporters from different angles which will allow them to really carry out their project. Feasibility and connectivity is an important basis for a successful ACT!

Both organizations have shown an impressive amount of commitment, time and effort in mobilizing support for their cause and for the consultation.

-The two proposals (a neutral, participatory and secure network and non-violent march for rights of land and livelihood) offer a high level of complementarity and it is a wonderful thought to think in the spirit of the ACT! that the two can sustain and benefit each other .

During all of the ACT! process, we have come across many doubts and problems which have been an enriching challenge. We would like to highlight the following points:

Accessibility and form of participation in the consultation have been the same for all organizations who contributed their proposals. In this sense, all have had the same difficulties and advantages and we have applied the same criteria of validation for all.

We have observed that at some point the consultation turned more into a competition than a participatory and deliberative process. Clearly, the Barcelona Consensus Team failed to transmit the objective and message inherit to the ACT! consultation which leaves us with a lot of space for improvement for future occasions.

Now it is time to embark on the next stage of the process: making the ACT! 2012 happen:

The first step for you as organizing body is to ensure the commitment of the organizations who have supported you in this consultation and elsewhere (ranging from diffusion of the project to co-organizing). As you know, it is important for the ACT! to be happening simultaneously and on a global scale.

In this sense, the Barcelona Consensus Team proposes that your two organizations could work together and unite and support efforts to develop an ACT! 2012 together, making a more powerful and more global impact.

Thanks for letting us know as soon as possible what kind of information we can pass on to people who would like to support your ACT!

Further, we would like to ask you for an outline of how you have planned to proceed with your work as well as a financial blueprint.

The sum will be payed in two different moments: 50% will be paid at  the end of June (2.000 Euros) and the other hat the beginning of the action.

If you agree, we would send you the money by bank transfer for which we ask you to inform us about your banking details by email:

Finally, we would like to ask you to sign and pass on the Barcelona Consensus Commitment – the founding document of the Barcelona Consensus which describes our aim to create a world livable for all.

Here you can read the Barcelona Consensus Document

Here you can Sign the Commitment

It has been a wonderful and enriching experience for us and we are looking forward to see the ACT!2012 happen.


Barcelona Consensus Team



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