Urban intellectuals in support of Jansatyagraha

March 14-15, 2012, Barpeta and Nalwari

First stop of the Yatra was Geeta Sangh in village Patshala of District Barpeta. A meeting was convenedby Stra and Krishak Unnyan Sangh. The Chief of Geeta Sangh shared that this region comprising of about 40 villages is known as ‘Bajjali’ and is important for cultural education in lower Assam. Geeta Sangh is working on reviving vedic traditions though the Sanskrit Education Centre. Shri Hem Bhai of Shanti Sadhana Ashram shared that an Australian company is purchasing about 4000 bigha land. On this land, Jack fruit would be cultivated commercially. No villager was informed about this prior to the purchase and transfer of land because of which, the local farmers are agitated. The second free stay facility to tribal and children belonging to the weaker sections. In the school, tribal and Muslim children are receiving cultural education. He further shared that the objective of the The next stoppage of the yatra was Nalbaadi on March 15 where a meeting was organised at the Shri Hari Mandir. The patron of the Shri Hari Mandir, Mr. Naveen Deka shared that Nalbaadi was the main ideological center of the independence movement. This region is famous for rice cultivation but due to flood, about 35% crops are destroyed every year and no clear compensation policy has been declared by the state govt. The state govt. is not ready to declare this as state disaster. He further shared that the people of Nalbaadi will join the Jan Satyagraha to raise this demand before the central govt. The next stoppage of the yatra was village Cepajahhar of Darang District where a dialogue was organised by the local intelligentsia. Mr. Nani Saikia, Senior social worker shared that this region is famous for its empowered farmer’s organisations. The first farmer’s agitation took place in this region in 1894 when about 1000 farmers challenged the British by refusing to pay taxes. Unfortunately, after 120 years, situation of the farmers is almost the same. Up until now, the state govt. has not worked on the development of agricultural system as a result of which, youth are giving up agriculture.


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