Warm Welcome of Jansatyagraha Samvad Yatra in Assam

‘The interaction between the 8 north-east states and other states in India has been very limited and mostly, one way. This is not only due to Geographical differences and cultural diversities but also due to political reasons. Since 1962, north –east states have found themselves separated /away from the mainstream politics. On the one hand, the natural resources of Assam and other states have been exploited while on the other hand, it is the outside companies who have benefited from resources like tea, oil, coal, wood and bamboo. Oil from Assam is being taken to oil refineries outside of state like Barauni in Bihar. Despite 65% of total tea production in the state, Tea Board and auction whole sale markets are set-up in Kolkota. Now, 168 dams are being constructed in the state to supply power to industrial units established in other states in the country. On the one hand, autonomous councils have been given constitutional rights while on the other, armed forces have been given special powers. This is the main reason for the regional imbalances. Now, local people have become aware and are demanding their rights. In reality, natives of north east are followers of tribal culture as well as of Shankar Dev, Madhav Dev and Azaan Fakir who were always against violence. In the last 50 years, all the violent efforts and organisations in the region have failed. None of these groups has done any constructive work. As a result, people do not have complete faith in these organisations. In order to understand the voice of the north east in real, it is necessary to go back to history. The first Farmers struggle in India took place in Pathru in 1894. Unfortunately, the common man of the country does not know this fact. The common man
is still unaware of the cultural and political history of Manipur. North-eastern states always consider themselves to be part of undivided India. It is therefore the responsibility of Indians to understand the feelings of the people of these states and give recognition to their rights so that news ways of peace and development could be developed in these states collectively’ – Hem Bhai, Shanti Sadhana Ashram


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