Need for second phase of Land Reform

March 7, 2012, Murshidabad

Stoppage of the yatra on March 7 was Bahrampur of Murshidabad district where a meeting was
organised by Bengal Sarvodya Mandal and Bengal silk and Khadi. Speaking on the occasion,
Mr. Nityanand Choudhury shared that beside land reforms, situation of weaver has not
changed in nearing areas of Murshidabad. He shared that their organization is working to
ameliorate the situation of the weavers and to attract youth towards weaving trade, they are
using modern machines. Their organisation has also started the process of direct dialogue with
state and central government so that a policy can be drafted for weaver community. Senior
Gandhian shared that in West Bengal, land reform started in the form of Barga between 1972 and
1982. Bargadaars are agricultural labourers who do work on the lands of landlords/zamindars.
The primary objective of Bargadaar operation was to give the permanent rights on land to
the tiller. But in the latter period, field implementation of this act became weak and representatives
of political parties took undue advantage of this act. Beside this, in places like Beerbhum and
Bolpur, land belonging to temples and religious trusts escaped operation Barghaa. In most of the
cases, Bargadaars didn’t get permanent rights on land. This process became limited to a
politically motivated process/campaign only. Senior social thinker Mr. Dr Rampraksah
shared that today; the number of landless is increasing in west Bengal. There are around 10000
landless in Beerbhum and Murshidabad district alone. During past 10 years, the security
fabric built for the protection of landless is completely lost. This is the reason, mass migration is
taking place in large scale. Keeping into mind the increasing number of landless in the state,
the second phase of land reform is mandatory in Bengal.


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