Proposal of Job in lieu of Land Acquisition is an insult to the Farmer Community

11 Feb 2010, Rajpur

The first stop of the Yatra (journey) was Kalingnagar of Jajpur District where shradhanjali was organized by the displacement opposition manch (Visthapan Virodhi Manch). Shri Ravi Jarika of the manch shared that it was here that 14 tribal died in Police firing on 02nd January 2006 while opposing the Tata Company. Displacement Opposition Manch is still fighting against the acquisition of land in Kalingnagar. Shri Praful Samantrai, Senior social worker hoped that the message of these martyrs will be spread through the yatra in whole country.

Later, a Public meeting was organized by the Kalingnagar Kishan Sangharsh Samiti (farmers struggle committee) in Jajpur district. Narom Babu, chairperson of the farmers struggle committee shared that about 10000 acre land were acquired by the 9 iron companies between Kalingnagar to Dhangoji. The then government had acquired 7042 acre land for industrial belt in 1992 and farmers were given Rs 37 thousand / acre land compensation by Orissa Land Development Corporation. But now, this land is being sold at the rate of Rs. 15 to 25 lakh per acre. He further shared that only 7042 acre of land has been shown in the government records whereas more than 10 thousand acre of land has been acquired for industrialisation, most of which is a two crop agricultural land. He said that for the last one and a half years, farmers are on a strike under the banner of Kishan Sangharsh Morcha. Shri Chandan Mishra, senior journalist shared that land acquisition for industrial units under govt. patronage is very violent. False cases have been made against people opposing land acquisition and thousands of acres of land were transferred to land mafias forcefully. In this region, 9 iron ore companies have been given permission without taking into the consideration the environment. This is affecting about 5000 acre of rice agriculture. He opined that if acquisition is taking place in the name of employment to locals, then there should be a provision in the agreement between the company and government to set aside 90% employment for the locals. Shri Praful Samantra, Senior social worker shared that the role of government in Orissa is biased in favor of land acquisition and it is playing a role of a mediator for industries. He said that as the people in the Government are not farmers, therefore it cannot understand the pain of acquisition of agricultural land. He said that proposal for giving employment in place of land acquisition is actually an insult to the farmers community. He raised a question that public never gave verdict for industrialization in Odisha. Therefore forced land acquisition and industrilisation are unlawful. Shri Ravibabu, Senior journalist shared that land acquisition are actually done by the fake resolution of the panchayats. The resolutions passed by Gram Sabha against the acquisition are forged in favour of industries. On the other hand, industries are taking loans from bank on the basis of these illegal land acquisitions. This erroneous situation is promoting industrialization by killing the self respect of the farmers.


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