Globalization verses rights of marginalised

13 February 2012, Mayurbhanj


First stop of the Yatra on 13 February was B.B.V College, Baiganbadia of Mayurbhanj, where students and lectures welcomed the yatra. Addressing students, Rajagopal P. V said that the objective of the education should be reducing poverty and brining equality in the society so that the energy of the youth could be utilized for the socio-economic upliftment of the poor. He hoped that students will join the voluntary efforts under the guidance of learned professors. This was followed by another meeting that was organised at Uttari Orissa University, Baripad. On the occasion, Shri. Rajagopal P.V said that honoring the thoughts of Gandhi jee, there is a need for youth to come forward in social sector. Youth will have to chose between exploited system, produced by globalization and efforts made by the voluntary sectors for the socioeconomic upliftment of the poor so that the energy of youths stands in favour the poor’s even after 6 decades of independence.


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