Struggle of the Homeless for Land

08 February 2012, Cuttak

First stop of the yatra on 8th Feb was Manav Vikas Foundation (Human Development Foundation) which imparts education on local resource based management for human development. Speaking on the occasion, Shri. Rajagopal P.V said that we need to establish education based on Gandhi’s new Talim (education). He further shared that education should be village development oriented because self-reliance is possible only through decentralized system of resources. He hoped that state government will take steps in this direction. Mr Haribandhu, Panda Manger of institute declared support for the Jan satyagraha on behalf of the students. Thereafter, a hearing was organised at Centre for Legal Aid to Power (C.L.AP), Gandhipalli. The Principal of C.L.A.P said that this institution is struggling for the rights of leprosy patients in Gandhipalli . Mr Devki Mehra of Gandhipalli said that near about 800 dalit families are living temporarily on this land for the last 35 years. Even after filing many applications in Tehsil and district level, no action has been taken. With the help of this institution a writ had been filed in the court for settlement on the homestead land in which, the High Court has directed the State Government to provide homestead land to the landless Dalit families. Even after the Court’s order, no entitlement has been given to homeless. As shared by Ms Manidas, Chairperson, Nari Sakti Sanstha, until now, entitlement of 4-4 decimal of land had been given to only 60 families. She said that even after the important provisions mentioned in Mo Jamee Mo Dida (give me my land/ FRA) campaign, no action has been taken by the government on the application made under this campaign. The Principal of C.L.A.P said that only 258 habitation in Cuttak and Bhubaneswar that have been accepted as residential slums . Out of these, 84 slums are in the process of settlement while others are in the category of illegal slums. A meeting was organized by the Centre for Education and Crime Prevention Organisation at Ram Chandra Bhawan in Cuttack where the participant expressed their support for the Jan Satyagraha Yatra.


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