Land Reforms is a solution to the problems in tribal dominated areas

07 February 2012, Bhubaneswar


A meeting was organised by Prerna Samaj Sevi Sanstha in Bhubaneshwar on February 7. Senior free dom fighter Shri Dalgovind shared that Jansatyagrah is a non violent and peaceful movement for solution of land related problems faced by marginalized. This has to be understood by the government of India. He further stated that Jan satyagraha is a national level decisive movement for land reforms after Shri Binoba Bhave’s Bhudan movement. Shri. Vinod Mohanti, writer and senior social worker shared that about 30 crore people are landless and homeless. Land reform is the only workable solution for this problem and it is necessary that the govt. accepts this logic. Later, a meeting was organised by National Service Scheme and other civil society groups in Bhubaneswar city. In this meeting, ex-central government minister, Honorable Shri Kelucharan Lenka extended his greetings to Shri S.N. Subba Rao on his 84th birthday. He shared that since the last 30 years, government policies are clearly against the tribal and the poor. He shared that 50 poorest districts of our country are tribal dominated and are full of natural resources. It shows that local resources are not utilized for developing the region. No effective measures have been taken to ameliorate the poverty of Kalahandi and Keonjhar districts. Shri Brijkishore, senior social worker said that the role of the social struggles should be social awareness as well strengthening political alternative so that a political background could be given to the solution of the problems. He hoped that Jan Satyagrah will bring new moral awareness among the poor who will stand in large numbers to struggle for their rights. Shri A. V Swami shared that government should respond to nonviolent movements and start the process of land reforms otherwise it would become difficult to stop violent movements. He further shared that government should prepare an effective integrated programme for giving ownership rights to the marginalized on their livelihood resources in tribal dominated states like Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand. Shri Praful Samantrai said that environmental public hearings of mining industries became a way of getting forced agreement/consensus under pressure. That is why it is important that government implement tribal self-rule (PESA) and proposal should be passed in the gram sabhas. Sulochna Bhoi said that role of chilka lake development authority that was formed for the development of the Chilka and for protecting the rights of the fishermen has become suspicious. Representatives of South Asia Peace Alliance participating in public meeting declared their joining hands with the Jan Satyagraha.


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