Encroachment of Agricultural land by the Companies

9th February 2012 Jagatsinghpur


On February 9, the first stop of the yatra was Jagatsinghpur District Headquarters where a public meeting was organised by Navnirman Krishak Sangathan (Newly formed farmers group). Senior Sarvodayi, Shri Akshay Kumar shared that the farmers group has been formed in Jagatsinghpur district to protest against the land acquisition by POSCO and other multi- national companies. He stated that the process of land acquisition is against the very basic human rights. The existing process of land acquisition does not give any scope and space for the farmers to protest. As a result, protests against land acquisition in Jagatsinghpur, Kalingnagar, Kashipur and Laanjigarh are justified. He shared that acquiring land for setting up industries in the coastal areas of jagatsinghpur is also against the Environmental rights. In this area, atleast 60% of the land is conducive to grow two crops of paddy in a year. In addition, there is large scale cultivation of Beetle leaves in the region as well. In this situation, taking away livelihood of thousands of people in the name of industrialization and luring a handful of people by giving jobs is indeed an insult to the spirit of Gram Swaraj. Senior writer and journalist Shri Vibhuti stated that on one hand, the govt. has turned land into a business commodity while on the other, it has opened new avenues of business for earning through land. As a result, there is a speedy transfer of agricultural land from the hands of the farmers for non-agricultural purposes. The govt. is focusing on ensuring facilities to the urban areas at the cost of the farmers and agricultural land. Shri. Durga Charan Pradhan, Navnirman Krishal Sangathan asked the farmers to join the Jan Satyagraha in order to fight for independence and self-respect. He assured that large number of representatives from the Navnirman Krishak Sangathan will come out on the streets in support of the Jan Satyagraha.


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