Do scheduled tribes need to give an evidence / testimony of their tribal origin?

05 February 2012, Kurdha

On this day, the yatra reached a public hearing in village Raipur of Khurda District. Guna Babu of village Policy shared that around

60 families were living in the fields of cashew nut plantation. These families had applied for land under the campaign MO JAMIN MOH DIYA. But no action was taken on their applications. Another 50 families of the village are tilling 70 acres of land for the last 50 years but despite repeated application, no action has been taken by the authorities. Phul Singh of Daman Bhumi village shared that around 65 families of Saura tribe are cultivating government land for the last 22 years. But they cannot apply for their entitlement under FRA because the government has not issued Scheduled Tribe Certificate to them. Vipin Pardhi of the same


village shared that this area is flood affected area but they do not get any compensation or help because the land is not in their names. Sidheshwar Samantra of village Warasingh shared that around 15 villages and 400 families are affected by the floods. They have occupied government land which they are cultivating but their entitlement under FRA could not be entertained due to non availability of caste certificate. They did not even get any compensation for their loss in Flood. Sangram Singh of Ekta Parishad shared that around 500 dalits are living on government land. This land belongs to Cashew Nut Corporation and has to be settled under Mo Jami Mo Dida. Next stoppage of the Yatra was a meeting organised by the Ekta Parishad and local representatives in Padosh Village of Nayagarh District. Brahmachari Bhai of the village shared that in this area, land was given for cashew nut plantation but local people are not getting any benefit from this. More than 3000 families of Sabar tribe of 20 villages are cultivating government land for last 25 years but they could not file for entitlement as caste certificate was not issued to them. Shri Vijay Pradhan shared that in Nayagarh district, around 3334 occupants filed application for land under FRA but only 3584.95 acre lands were distributed to 2367 families. Rest applications were cancelled but people were not informed about this action. Shri. Venudhar Rana, Panchayat representative, shared that forest department is trying to evacuate tribal from their land. Sabar tribes do not get entitlement under FRA because they do not have caste certificate. This is injustice on the tribal people. Babul al, a Gandhian said that after the successful 2007 Janadesh, non-fulfillment of promises made by the government is a serious matter. He showed his believe that before 2 October 2012, government will discuss with the activist/satyagrahi and will come up with a positive initiative for landless and the homeless. Ms. Rita Rai, Coordinator, South Asia Peace Alliance shared that they will ensure that letter be written to Government of India from Srinlaka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan’s civil society organisations in solidarity with Jan Satyagarh. At the end of the meeting, around 250 people declared to join the Jan satyagrasha.


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