Citizens do not have land for stay/home

04 February 2012

The first meeting of the day was in Shakshi Gopal village in Puri District. The meeting was organised by the Yard organisation. The next meeting was in Kasturba Trust. Mahatma Gandhi had visited this place in 1938. People present in the meeting appreciated the efforts of non violent Jan Satyagraha. A public hearing was organised by the Trust in Juglipada village. Basanti Behara of village shared that there are 75 landless and homeless families living n the village since last 30 years. None of the family has enough to eat. Villagers do not have work to earn livelihood and also, the rate of daily wages is only Rs 100. Tai Behara shared that his hut is situated in the land of landlord. As a result, even after several applications, there has not been any hearing on the application. He shared that land is available for constructing homes in adjoining village where the government can settle them along with other 200 homeless families. At the end of the meeting, all the people present declared to join the campaign.


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