The Question of Human Rights on the Occasion of 63rd Republic Day

26 January 2012, Nuapada and Balngir

The coordinator of the CCD Center at village Ghunsara Shri Ravinanda informed the Jansatyagrah Samvad Yatra team that the center worked with womens self help groups in 25 villages focusing on forest produce and herb collection and treatment through the Ayurveda healing system. Other than this the center also worked with the sanghatan to protect and conserve the Gandhmaran mountain ranges. These mountain ranges are spread across an area 90 k.m. in length and 25k.m. in breadth and home to 300 waterfalls and 6700 varieties of herbs. More than 62 percent of the mountain ranges comprise of bauxite deposits that are being eyed by industrial conglomerates such as Balco and Sterlite. Subsequently the team reached the High School campus of Ghunsara where the team leader Shri P.V. Rajagopal unfurled the national flag and addressed the gathering – sixty three years today all Indians took an oath under this flag to make this country free from hunger, fear, injustice, exploitation and the differences of caste and class but still millions are homeless and hungry and the Jansatyagrah Samvad Yatra has been undertaken to


ensure that these marginalized and disadvantaged millions get their rights and entitlements. The team also participated in the flag hoisting functions that were organised at Khaprakhol Government High School, Kapsipal Government Middle School and Adivasi Harijan Unayan Vibhag. They spread the message of Jansatyagrah in all these gatherings attended by children and adults. All the teachers appreciated the efforts of Janstayagrah Samvad Yatra team and gave their blessings for the fulfillment of their dreams.

The afternoon halt of the journey was made at village Patnagadh of Balangir district where a public meeting attended by 150 women from various self help groups was organised by combined efforts of ‘Ma Patneshwari Khadya Suraksha Samiti’, ‘Ma Dasmati Aanchalik Mahasangh’, ‘Kandul Khadya Suraksha Manch’ and ‘Jal Bandhu Samiti’. The meeting began with the watering of a sapling by Shri P.V. Rajagopal. Addressing the gathering Shri Thabircharan Meher of ‘Zilla Jangal Suraksha Aur Parichalan Forum’ Shri Tekendra Lal and Shri Kumar Gond of the ‘Gandhmaran Suraksha Action Committee’ placed their views before the people namely that the people should get the rights over natural resources for their development. All of them took an oath to protect the Gandhmaran mountain ranges.


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