An urgent agenda for the nation

Ref No: JSY/015/01/2012

Date: January 29th, 2012


Shri. Rahul Gandhi,

Member of the Parliament,

General Secetary,

Indian National Congress

12, Tughlak Lane,

New Delhi

Subject: An urgent agenda for the nation

Dear Rajul ji,

Jansatyagraha Samwaad yatra which is being organized on the issue of land and livelihood has already covered 8 states and we are now in Odisha. On the 27th of January, I had a long meeting with Bhakta Charan Das, Member of Parliament and a great admirer of yours. When I placed many issues related to Odisha, he suggested that I should let you know some of these issues and seek your guidance for addressing them. One important issue where I need your immediate intervention is related to non-implementation of Forest Rights Act and violation of PESA. Sundargarh, Jhasuguda districts of Odisha and many parts of Chhattisgarh are most affected by these twin issues.

Landlessness in rural area and homelessness in urban area are two important areas that we are trying to address. Even after 64 years of freedom, poor people are waiting for justice. I know this is an area where you are also very concerned. Your active interest in addressing the issue of land and livelihood in relation to poverty will bring about a radical change in the life of many marginalized communities.

You probably know that a National Land Reforms Committee and Council were formed back in 2007. This was the result of 25,000 landless people walking to Delhi. Unfortunately, promises made in 2007 were not met. This Samwaad yatra after covering all the states of India will culminate in a long march from Gwalior to Delhi.1 lakh people from different parts of the country will participate in this long march with the sole aim of protecting the land rights of the farmers, implement land and livelihood related policies and laws effectively in the interest of poor and take up a time bound land-redistribution program for homestead and agriculture. I am writing this letter to invite you to join this massive campaign in which close to 2000 organizations are coming together. Because this issue is closely related to the life and culture of millions of marginalized people, I am sure this will attract your attention and you will find time to be part of this very important movement.. I will be very happy if you can join us at some point during the next 2-3 months and also be a channel to help your government to take up this issue seriously.

With thanks and regards,

Rajagopal P.V


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