National Council for Land Reforms


Shri Jairam Ramesh

Minister of Rural Development

Government of India


Dear Jairam Ramesh Ji,


First of all let me thank you for your support in bring theNational Council for Land Reforms agenda back on the table. You know howfrustrating it was for us to wait for such a long time, in spite of ourrepeated reminders to the Prime Minster of India. I hope under your ableleadership we will be able to get the agenda further in the interest of thepoor and marginalized .


The rural India is crying for help. Their resources areexploited. Their people are suffering poverty and forced to migrate. Thisshould not be acceptable to the Rural Development Minister of India. You havethe responsibility to protect the resources and dignity of rural India. Kindlydo not compromise on this. This is not just about land reforms, but the role ofRural Development Ministry in protecting the resources in the interest of therural India and its people.


You probably know, that there are more than 500 majorstruggles going on in India, and these struggles are all about peoples interestto protect land, forest and water for their survival. Why is that thegovernment has so much difficulty in listening to these voices? Why is thisdecision, that we will not look into the issues that they are raising, but willcontinue to protect the interest of the powerful? There is something seriously wrong,with the way our Government is planning for the future of this nation. Kindlyput your foot down. Hundreds of social movements in this country will standbehind you, in order to force the government to redesign the agenda.


More than 400 social workers and leader who assembled inKanyakumari were very excited, when they knew that you were coming. Of course,I appreciate the reason why it was not possible to come. Kindly spare one dayevery month to attend one big gathering, which will be organized en route theyatra. We can provide you a calendar, and you may kindly reserve your dates tointeract with people, in order to deepen your own understanding on the problemsthat people at the ground are facing.


This evening I was in Kodunkulam, where there is a verystrong non-violent movement protesting against a nuclear power plant. Manyvillages are involved in this struggle. I will be happy if you can take sometime to look into this issue, and help the people who are struggling for lastmany years.


With thanks and warm regards

Rajagopal, P.V.

Ekta Parishad

A2/3 Jangpura Ext.

New Delhi 110014


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