Issues that urgent need your intervention

Ref No: JSY/017/02/2012

Date: February 29th 2012


Dr. Manmohan Singh

Honorable Prime Minister of India

Government of India


Subject: Issues that urgent need your intervention

Dear Manmohan Singh Ji,

The Jan Satyagraha Yatra has arrived in Jharkhand after covering nine states and a distance of 25000 km. We have another 7 months to go before we arrive at Gwalior to walk to Delhi with one lakh people. The issues on the ground are the following:

1. Serious violations of PESA, Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, etc.

2. Non-implementation of pro-poor laws like Ceiling Act, Tenancy registration, Forest Rights Act, etc. Non-redistribution of Panchami land and Gairan land is also part of the same basket.

3. There is a huge back lock of displaced people from various projects who are not rehabilitated.

4. The process of displacement continues in spite of resistance from people in many places. The corporate houses are using various illegal methods to suppress people’s voice in order to grab resources.

5. There are large numbers of poor people in rural and urban areas asking for homestead land and housing plots.

6. There are large numbers of people who are landless but are working on land for making a living who need minimum land for agriculture.

7. Between the private violence and the state violence marginalized communities are losing their space and life.

I think these are all genuine issues that we are raising. The government has the moral responsibility to answer them in action. I would be very happy if you can set up an expert committee to look in to these issues and formulate an action plan before we come to Gwalior for Jan Satyagraha foot march. You know from all my previous letters that my interest is to find a solution to the problems of marginalized communities of India rather than confronting the government. If answer for the problem can be found through negotiation that would be the best for the country. I wish that the government headed by you will encourage a culture of dialogue to solve problems. I have noticed in the past that the government is lacking the capacity to dialogue and as a result it is using force to suppress voices. I hope you will draw lessons from Mahatma Gandhi and act upon the same. Hope to receive a positive response from your side.


With thanks,

PV Rajagopal
President- Ekta Parishad
Member- National Council for Land Reforms, Government of India
House No. A2/3, Second Floor, Block A
Jangpura, New Delhi-110014, India
Mobile No: +91-99935-92421
Website: ,

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