Migration by Tribal People for Livelihoods

1 January 2012, Kanker. On the first day of the new year the Jansatyagrah Samvad Yatra reached Kanker district in the southern part of Chattisgarh wherein a public meeting and rally had been organised by „Disha‟ and „Parivartan‟ social rganisations. Leader of „Disha‟ Shri Keshav Sheori said that in the region on the one had the government was rejecting individual claims on forestland and on the other hand not a single claim for common property resources had been accepted. He said that every year forest produce worth lakhs of rupees was collected by the people but due to lack of a processing center in the area all the produce was being sold out of Bastar on very low rates. Local villagers have made many applications at various levels, over the years, so that the forest produce collectors can get the due price for the collected produce and get work opportunities in the processing centers. Shri Phaguram of „Chattisgarh Mukti Morcha‟ said that
as a result of the new industrial policy the unorganized workers were facing a serious problem as only those who are computer literate get jobs in most of the locals industrial units while thousands from the region are forced to migrate every year in search of work and employment.


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