Means deployed by the Administration to Avoid giving Forestland to Tribals

8 January 2012, Mungeli and Bilaspur. On 8 January the Jansatyagrah Yatra‟s first halt was the Vinoba Ashram in the newly formed Mungeli district where in the organised meeting the chief of the ashram Shri Khelanram Udsena said that in the Bilaspur region of the state Vinoba Bhave had received thousands of acres of land during his Bhoodan movement but the then Madhya Pradesh government did not take any interest in the distribution of this land and even today this land is registered in the records as government land instead of belonging to those who have the right to it. He said that this issue should be raised prominently at the regional and national levels through the Jansatyagrah movement. Thereafter an announcement was made by Shri Mukim Ansari a prominent youth leader that in October
2012 a parallel movement would be organised in the Takhatpur and Bilaspur region. Head of the „Janhit Chattisgrah Vikas Samiti‟ at Bachalikhurd village Shri Ramlal Raj, Gyanchand Indua and other local speakers from the area spoke on the status of implementation of the Forest Rights Act in Bhainsajhal, Dongi, Bachalikhurd, Silli, Parsada, Thapora, Mahuda and Semraha villages. They expressed their disappointment over the fact that proceedings for common property resources have not been invited by the government. In a meeting organised at Belgehna village Smt Santoshi Sauta said that in village Deharipara 20 tribal families had been cultivating forestland for the past 15 years but instead of settling their claims the forest department is forcibly planting ratanjot trees on their land. The villagers protested against this act of the forest department so criminal cases have been registered against them. Smt Renu Jogi MLA from the Belgehna constituency said that the implementation of the Forest Rights Act is suspect as in almost all the claims that have been settled the extent of land to which record of rights booklet has been given is far less than the extent that had been claimed by the cultivators. She further added that all those whose claims are eligible for settlement should be settled within a specified time frame. Thereafter in a public hearing organised at village Laingi tribal leaders from Raniatari, Kendai, Amjhar, Binjhara and Lainga villages said that the forest department is encroaching on the forestland that is being cultivated by the tribals since decades. Tribal leader of village Anjhar Shri Aman Singh said that the Raniatari region has been marked as a new coal block for mining that is why the claims of the people in this region are being ignored by the government. All the leaders of the backward primitive tribes said in one voice that they should not be subject to the 2005 timeline and other limits set for the settlement of claims so that their long denied rights can be settled properly.


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