Farmers take a Double Beating – Nature and Debt

31 December 2011, Bastar. On 31 December a Farmer‟s gathering was organised by Ekta Parishad and Self Help Groups at village Charbhatta wherein farmers from Chitawan, Jamgaon, Chetarpal, Arandi, Bedma and Singhanpur villages participated. Leader of the Farmer‟s Representative Group Shri Vishnu Prasad said that 104 farmers belonging to Titarvand and Halda had taken loans ranging from Rs10,000 to Rs25,000 from the local Cooperative Bank but they are unable to repay because of the loss of their Kharif crops due to drought. They are in constant dialogue with the government for writing off the debt. Mina Kuldip, a local Ekta Parishad worker said that over one hundred people would participate in Jansatyagrah
2012 from the region.

The next halt of Janstyagrah Samvad Yatra was at Kosmi village in Bastar where in a public hearing had been organised by „Ekta Parishad‟ and „Sehbhagi Sanstha‟. Shri Jayshankar Usendi, district coordinator of Ekta Parishad said that 300 claims were filed by people from the organizational area but so far only 65 claims had been acted upon. Twenty Years ago over one hundred tribal families were resettled at Charnabharri in Gram Panchayat Kusumi and they have been tilling the land since then but under FRA not a single claim from this village has been acted upon by the administration. Local people said that even today the police and forest departments have a very negative outlook towards the tribal people and that a large number of the people from this region would participate in Jansatyagrah 2012.


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