Don‟t the Nomadic Tribes have the Right to become Owners of Land?

16 January 2012, Raigadh. On 16 January the Jansatyagrah Samvad Yatra reached the Bharamjaigarh region of Raigadh where a rally and public meeting were organised by Ekta Parishad. Leader of the local Kanwar tribe Shri Kunwar Saye said that unless tribal self rule is made possible in the district the agriculture land of the farmers and the forestland will remain unprotected as they are rapidly being acquired for industrial and mining projects. Senior Social worker Shri Bhanu Patel said that because of two proposed power projects and coal mining project 50 villages will be directly affected and even though there is a strong people‟s movement against the projects land is being acquired forcibly. Shri Ratiram of village Dokripahni said that 220 families of nomadic Pardhi tribe have been residing in Tejpur, Baggudenga, Pathrapara, Hirapur, Beldaggi and Lipti villages for more than three generations and under the Forest Rights Act all of them made claims for land that have been rejected by the administration. Do these people have a right to land or not is the question that needs answer. Smt Gloria, district coordinator of Ekta Parishad said that more than 1000 people from the region would join in the decisive action „Jansatyagrah‟ scheduled for October 2012.


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