Unanswered claims in Gariyabad: Yatra Day 97








An interaction session was organized in Government Higher Secondary School in Gariyaband and was attended by 200 students and teachers. Mr CR Verma, a local teacher said that this school is still instrumental in bringing respect to the cause of poor people in society.








Mr Gopinath, a senior coordinator of Ekta Parishad informed us that 1400 applications were given to Sub-Divisional level after a rally on 10 December 2011, which have  not yet been acknowledged by the local officials. Mr Dhelauram from the village of Hardi informed us that 25 villagers have occupied 80 acres of land over last 17 years and have also applied for FRA but have not yet been attended to properly. Mr Gokaran from the village of Jedar have also filed 80 claims over last 2 years but local officials have not allowed Forest Rights Committee to play their role and resolutions for land rights. Mr Khemsingh from Paragaon, who is heading the FRA Committee are not allowed to play his role for the regularization of 57 claims given by the villagers when land allotment is biased in favor of local claimants.


Mrs. Lata Netam from Loksangthan and Mr Benipuri from Kamar Adivasi Panchyat extended their support for Jan Satyagraha and committed to bring 1000 people for decisive action in October 2012.


One response to “Unanswered claims in Gariyabad: Yatra Day 97

  1. J.A.Arockiasamy

    It is wonderful to see this ….great indeed….keep it up…………….

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