Problems with Land Distribution. Wasim and Amarvati Yatra Days 82-5

20th December Wasim


A public meeting was organized at Wasim district headquarters by Manav Haq Abhiyan.

Rohini Tai the district coordinator of Manaviya Haq Abhiyan reported on the situation there. 6420 acres of Gairan or “grazing” land has been occupied by the landless. 1300 applications have been filed from the district with all the 17 supporting documents that are required for regularization of Gairan Land. The lands that have been occupied prior to 1990 should be immediately regularized. She also said that if the cases are not settled by December 2011 they will join the Jansatyagraha struggle in October 2012.


22nd December – Amaravati District

In the afternoon a public meeting was organized in Mauli Chor village by Manav Haq Abhiyan (MHA), Samajwadi Jan Parishad and Antyoday Vichar Kendra

Mr. Rajendar Sarvode of MHA reported on the Maharashtra government initiated a campaign to purchase land and distribute it to the landless. The campaign was called Dadasaheb Gaikwad campaign. Land was given to over 12,000 people. The land was acquired at government rates. However the land-owners were unwilling to sell their fertile lands at the rates that the government offered. Instead, they got rid of their barren land whose market value was less than the government rate and made a profit.


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