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Self-Reliance in Mahasamud, Yatra Report Day 98









The Village of Khairatkala (Mahasamund district) is known for their unique initiative called Bal-Kishore Bank, where 180000 Rs has been saved by the school children. Now these children are giving loans to the elders during their social festival and for other essential purposes. A ‘Bal Sansad’ (Children Parliament) was called in village Khairatkala also attended by leaders from Baluchuan, Pandaripani, Roda, Amanpuri, Khatti, Amachuhi Kotli Mudpar, Amlideh and Karaguda etc. speaks on various issues of their village. A member of Bal Kishore Bank, Master Satish informed us that the members are able to put 42 Gullaks (Saving Box) in the village where children deposit their savings. The children along with their parents have saved 320 Kgs of Rice and about 5000 Rs in the village. At the same time, the Womens Collective has also saved 1500 Kgs of Rice and they also taking lease of 3 acres of land. Mr Hanumat Nag, local coordinator for Jan Satyagraha informed that in his panchyat 242 families received 681 acres of land through FRA.


A grand welcome given by Khairwar Adivasi Sangthan in village of Malideh of Mahasamund district. The local coordinator of Ekta Parishad Mrs Sarojini Verma informed us that Khairwar Adivasi Sangthan along with Ekta Parishad were operating in 40 villages mainly working with the deprived community. In these villages about 3500 families have claimed their land under FRA have not yet received any entitlement. She informed us that those 60 village leaders are already trained to take the lead role for Jan Satyagraha. 80 Grain Banks also set in these villages for building community contributions and build the collection of 22000 Rs given by the members. Mr Lalu Khairwar from Malideh village informed us that 39 claimants have already received settlement rights in their occupied land and 51 claims have not yet taken care by the local officials. Mr Jagatram from Rupekel village informed us that 48 tribal families are still waiting for their rights over 300 acres of land which has been occupied by the people for 20 years. Mrs Rajim Ketwal from Dalit Adivasi Manch extended her solidarity to the Jan Satyagraha and committed to bring 500 people in Jan Satyagraha.