Unorganized Sector in Aurangabad: Yatra Day 75

Jameen wa Gharkul Haq Parishad (Land and Housing Rights Forum) organized a public meeting in Aurangabad. Mostly women from the slums of Aurangabad participated in this meeting. Many of them worked as domestic workers, and in other unorganized sectors. Qasim Bhai of Khet Majdoor Sanghattan (Farm labour’s union) informed us that for greater Aurangabad, 2,20,000 acres of land has been identified for expansion of industrial and infrastructure projects. 60% of this land is agricultural land. There are 2.5 lakh families in Aurangabad who are engaged in the unorganized sector. If the land acquisition happens as planned, the unorganized sector will grow by 5 lakh new families. The two forums mentioned above are challenging this acquisition jointly. Colonel Niheri said that unoranized sector is treated as a vote bank and the government is not interested in the social security, housing security, health, and education of the unorganized. The two forums are going to submit a joint resolution to the state administration with the following points:

  • SEC action should be abolished.
  • Gairan lands should be regularized in a time-bound manner
  • Put an end to the diversion of agricultural land.
  • Allot houses to workers of unorganized  sector in a time-bound manner
  • Bring in social security schemes and laws for the workers of unorganized sector

A discussion was organized in Marathwada Soci-Economic Research and National Integration centre with the intellectuals of the city. It was learnt that 4 mega industrial projects on 28000 hectares are under consideration and the land acquisition for these projects will affect 320 villages.


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