Bhil Tribals struggle against Injustice in Jalgaon: Yatra Day 69

More than 2000 adivasis participated in a public rally organized by Lok Sangharsh Morcha in Yaval tehsil of Jalgaon district. Jilla Bai an adivasi leader belonging to the Bhil adivasis explained that while the applications under the Forest Rights Act are accepted and forwarded by the local Gram Sabha, they are being denied at the tehsil and district level. At the same time,  the forest department has been issuing notices to people who have submitted claim applications under the FRA act. According to Bhil Mukhiya Ramdas Bhai, even when the adivasis submit claim applications for agricultural land under the FRA, they are only allotted 10-25 cents of land. This size of land is typically allotted for homestead purposes and in most cases even this land is not sufficient. This clearly shows the resistance of the administration in giving agricultural land to adivasis.

After the rally, a public hearing was conducted in front of the Tehsil office. 3200 cases were submitted at the public hearing for speedy regularization of Gram Sabha approved claims for forest land under the FRA act. Pratibha Shinde of Lok Sangharsh Morch in her speech explained that in the two districts of Nandurbar and Jalgaon even after spending 9000 crore rupees under the MNREGA program, 75% of adivasis migrate to cities. The solution to this mass migration is to regularize the forest land under the FRA act as this will allow adivasis to develop their lands and improve its productivity. She added that if the Maharashtra government does not regularize the 48,000 eligible applications filed by adivasi members  of Lok Sangharsh Morch in the next one year, people will carry out mass demonstrations before the district and taluk headquarters and they will participate by the 1000s in the Jansatyagraha footmarch. Tribal leaders from 70 villages expressed their solidarity with Jansatyagra campaign.


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