Samwad Yatra Report, Day 47: Hindupur, AP







The villages of Tumkunta and Gollapuram are the wort affected villages in Anantpur district after the SEZ proposals. A public hearing was called by Andhra Pradesh Dalit Samakhya and local organizations there. Mr Sinivasan, who is heading the Dalit Samakhya in Andhra Pradesh explained how about 4000 acres of fertile land and commons land have been acquired for industrialization through a political proposal of the State in the year 1985. The people who received 10-25 thousands Rs per acre compensation were promised that they would receive employment in proposed industries. But later they realized the false promises given by politicians just for grabbing their land. Soon villagers were pleading to the court and asking for land for land compensation. Later they received a stay order to stop the land acquisition from proceeding further, but, in between, they lost most of their fertile land. For almost 25 years their agricultural land has been under litigation and they are unable to cultivate their land any further.







Mr K Rangnath, a local farmer spoke of  how political parties are trying to divide the people and the whole movement was weakened. Mohammad Sadik expressed his anger with local officials who completely failed to deliver any justice to the farmers and poor people and instead took the side of the industrial lobby. He also worried about the future of the court judgment, since the villagers have spent thousands of rupees for their litigation and hearings. Mrs Lal Be, one of the affected family explained how she lost 4.5 acres of land without paying any money for her land. Mr Rajnarayana, a local political party worker informed us that recently the state has transferred 300 acres of land for Raheja SEZ. Now after all the SEZ proposals, the local police have also forged many cases against local villagers. The Dalit Samakhya expressed their solidarity with the Jan Satyagraha and expressed their commitment to join the march on October 2012.

Later a rally was also organized by Dalit Samakhya and submitted a memorandum to the Mandal Revenue Officer of Hindupur.


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