Samwad Yatra Report, Day 45: Anantpur, AP








A meeting was called by Ananta Paryavaran Parirakshan Samity and Andhra Pradesh Dalit Samakhya in Kadiri. Mr Gangai Reddy presented his views on recent land grabbing in Anantpur, and explained how, in the name of  a SEZ (Special Economic Zone),  the state is alienating the people from their native, assigned and private land. He also informed us how a large piece of agricultural land has been diverted for industrial and real estate purposes. In Anantpur alone, about 22000 acres of land has been transferred for the same reason. The Anantpur district is a drought-prone area and known for massive migrations every year, but there is a lack of a plan of how to deal with the drought and save the farming community here. Mrs Bhanuja spoke about the issues of Inam land which is given to the suppressed community during the time of Nizams, but after independence the records were manipulated and now local landlords are alienating the tenants from the previously given Inam land. There is several cases pending in courts and tenants have been unable to cultivate these lands because of long overdue judgments.








The yatra arrived in Amadagur, Kotwarpalli village where the Andhra Padesh Industrial Corporation has acquired 13000 acres of land from the villagers. The villagers are complaining of how their fertile land has taken away in exchange for the small amount of compensation of 15-25 thousands rupees per acre. They also showed their anger about the fact that their common property land and resources have been acquired without any compensation. Initially, they were promised employment in the SEZ but none of them got any job. Now the whole project of ‘Science City’ is converted into  theSolar City project. They also had complaints, that the compensation amount given in the name of different banks, delayed the process of collection and created a lot of confusion and space for misappropriation in amount decided for compensation.







The evening public meeting was called by Dalit Samakhya in Lepakshi. Mr Nilaya, a tribal leader expressed his strong view that the state has not even considered the allotment of burial ground for the dalit community in Andhra Pradesh. The Dalit Samakhya along with Anant Pariyavaran Parirakshan Samity expressed their solidarity with Jan Satyagraha campaign.


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