Samwad Yatra Report Day 42: Rangareddy & Mehbubnagar

The yatra arrived in Paragi for a public hearing which was organized by the Dalit Samakhya. Mr Balkrishna lived in the village of Mogapalli where 23 dalit families got assigned land in 1989. Two years later the forest department evicted them since then even after holding the entitlement in their hand, they hadn’t get chance to cultivate their allotted land. Mrs Krishnamma from Salkerpetta spoke about the fact that 12 dalit families have cultivated the assigned land for 25 years, now their land has been alienated by local landlords. She also informed us that the villagers don’t have burial ground for dead bodies. Mr Rangaiya from Jollapalli explained how their lands have not been considered to fall under Forest Rights Act, even when 6 families are cultivating the land for the last 45 years. Mr Sarojamma, a local dalit leader informed us that about 150 villages don’t have their own burial ground. On the other hand, 80 acres of land have been recently acquired for a special economic zone. After acquisition, the villagers were given a promise of employment, but so far nobody has received any employment opportunities. Mrs Koti from Lambada community, who came from Venkatreddypalli village, informed us that 6 families from her community got revenue land about 30 years back. Recently the forest officials have been threatening the community to make them leave their land. Several times the villagers have paid bribes also, but the villagers still live in fear of forest officials. The Dalit Bahujan Front leader promised to join the campaign of Jan Satyagraha.

Village leaders called a meeting by the Dalit Samakhya in Bomraspet of Mehbubnagar. Mr Muglaiya from Rangareddy village explained that this area is highly affected by poverty and migration related issues. Dalit Samakhya is currently working in about 200 villages and taking the issues of burial ground for dalit villages. They had success to get burial ground for  55 dalit  villages after a long dialogue process with the district administration. Dalit Samakhya also engaged with issues of bonded labour and chilled labour. The organization had success to release 58 bonded labour in recent past. The leaders of Dalit Samakhya named Amritaiya, Narsimhulu, Ramuu and P Anjama have shown their solidarity for the Jan Satyagraha.


In Mehbubnagar, a meeting was called by Dalit Samakhya, Shramik Shakti Sangathan, Andhra Pradesh Dalit Alliance and Dalit Bahujan Front for welcoming this yatra to Mehbubnagar. Mr Krishnaiya informed us that Mahbubnagar is known for poverty and large scale migration where about 1/3 rural population has migrated to the big cities every year. He also informed us that they found several cases of violations of labour laws. Senior Dalit leader Shri Nilaiya explained that the local administration is insensitive to the issues even after repeated petitions of the villagers. All organizations together shows their solidarity for Jan Satyagraha.


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