Samwad Yatra Report, Day 41: Karimnagar, AP

Village Bsawapur, District Karimnagar

This village is known for the successful work of its womens’ collective engaging in small scale organic agricultural activities carried out on the land leased by them. They informed us that 10 years back they got a lease of 6 acres of un-irrigated land for collective farming. Soon they got encouraging results from their hard labour in the land. They sowed rice, pulses and millet and also vegetables. They operated a school for small and marginal farmers in organic agriculture. In this village, 110 Dalit families cultivated about 100 assigned lands which they got long ago. They also had complaints that the assignment committee was not performing their duties properly and that land allotment was always biased by the political interest of the local Member of the Legislative Assembly, who is heading the committee.

The Land Darbar (Land Grievances Panchyat) was organized by Dalit Bahujan Front in Siddipet. About 400 villagers walked from 74 villages to register their grievances. There was a long list of grievances, all concerning the problems of land.

The M Laxmaiya, a senior leader of dalit movement started this public meeting with the opening remarks about how State and Central Government is misusing the funds reserved under Special Component Plan for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. He alleged that even after repeated complaints the State is not ready to use this allocation for land purchasing. Later the villagers spoke about their problems to the panel. Mrs Bhagyamma from Ghattapur village received ownership of 4 acres of land about 12 years back but till today their land has not yet been shown to her. Mr K Somaiya from Konapur village explained that he is cultivating the assigned land since 42 years but, now the official ownership of their land has been given up by local landlords. Chatanarsingpalli in 1992, 42 acres of land to 40 beneficiaries. They took a loan from the bank and got pattas (titles). Then forest officials force them to leave the place. They are unable to cultivate the land anymore. 20 years back, 21 families from the scheduled caste community occupied 50 acres of jagirar land. Now they are asking for patta.

In Machapur village, Chinnakutur Mandal 15 members belonging to Scheduled Caste got patta from Prime Minister in 2006, now their land has been occupied by other families of same caste so this patta distribution caused conflict between same communities. The former sarpanch (Dommatta village) explained how 40 scheduled caste people received title to the land for housing but their land has not has been given. In Domaata,  the government purchased 22 acres and distributed it to the dalit community along with15 acres of porumbk land In the same village a certain Mr Gangadhar Rao created a false survey number and go this land transferred to his name. The villagers want to punishment for the responsible officers. In Ibahimpur village, 20 dalit families are asking for land since they are landless. In Akaram village, 120 acres of land distributed among 30 dalit families about 6 years back but till today their land has not been demarcated. This is the same land that was assigned in 23 years ago to the landless poor. This created a conflict among old and new allotters.  In Anantsagar, people have been cultivating the land which was given by the prime minister about 5 years ago but till today, there is no demarcation of the land. In Akaram Village, the Vinuti nomads have taken up the profession of begging, since they have no land. In Ramlipattnam, 50 scheduled caste families are without housing and agriculture land. In Kamarpalli village, 30 landless families are without even home side belong to backward community. The stonecutters of the Badera community are also landless.


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