Samwad Yatra Report, Day 40: Hyderabad

A consultation was called by Bhumi Kendramdua, a local organization engaged in raising the issues of land reforms in Andhra Pradesh. Mr CH Ravi, the head of Bhoomi Kendram presented the background for the consultation on ‘Land Reforms at the Current Juncture’. He explained that there is gradual shift in the ideological discourse of land reforms in the recent past. Ms. Sajaya, who is working on the issues of farmers spoke about how globalization is become the instrument for grabbing the land from the poor people. She emphasized the need for a mass campaign to build awareness among women about their land rights, so that future fights would be charged with increasing commitment. Ms Sarsawati from National Alliance for People’s Movements expressed her worries about the growing insensitivity among local administration which causes serious problems in land raising land questions.

Mr Mazhar Hussain from the local orgnisation called Cova said there was an urgent need to bring the land questions related to homelessness into the mainstream debate of land reforms. Advocate B Tarkam stressed that only land rights can ensure the civic rights of an ordinary person. He emphasized the need to revisit the land ceiling and enforce implementation. He also argued that lowering the limit should be the main agenda in Jan Satyagraha. He explained how the Andhra Pradesh government has not yet taken seriously implementation of report submitted by K Rao Committee in year 2006. Mr M Laxman a senior journalist proposed ideas for developing alternative approaches around land reforms. Mr John Wessley, a Dalit leader spoke about how the urbanization process has destroyed the entire social fabric around land ownership;  people don’t even have the land for their own burial in cities.

Later in the evening Mr Gopal Rao, a retired administrator organized a meeting with state officials who gave many suggestions for taking this agenda forward.



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