Samwad Yatra Report, Day 39: Warangal


The village of Sudanpalli is a unique village in Hasanpatti Mandal of Warangal district. The present joint collector Ms Karuna is taking a lead role in a very interesting initiative for putting land records on the school building’s wall so that everybody can see their recorded land possession and ownership. This initiative was started 2 years back and received tremendous response from the villagers. The local administration had success to resolve 49 disputes over different land issues in village. Advocate V Nalini, who is associated with this project enthusiastically explained how it had a big success to create legal awareness among men, women and even children. It also helped them to speak about their land issues with the local administration. She explained how this entire exercise is very helpful for increasing the transparency in updating the village level land records with the participation of village with local administration.

The yatra team also visited the Tehsildar office in Hasanpatti and learn about the computerization of land records. Later we visited the Bhoomi Cell in the premises of District Collectorate of Warangal, which is trying to assist the poor and the landless to fight for their landrights. The lawyers and other experts who are associated with the group are instrumental to get resolved the land disputes. Ms Malini (Tesildar–the local revenue officer) explained how with the help of forest department, they are also trying to resolve the disputes between forest and the revenue department. They also have had success to resolve dispute cases in Muluga Mandal of Warangal.

Both the initiative is a pioneer work. It has achieved success only with the collective action of social organizations, lawyers and the local administration. Karuna is enthusiastic to replicate the same model for other areas.


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