Samwad Yatra Report: Day 36–Vijaywada, AP







A big public hearing was called by Dalit Bahujan Front and other allies. About 500 people presented their testimonies to the panel :

  • According to Mr Isreail (Telepul village), in 1980, the district collector gave land to 150 people, but till now entitlement was not issued. In High Court, the bench given judgment for us.
  • According to Mr Nageshwar (Machlipattnam), in 1986, 81 acres of land was given to 86 families. The Fishing Dept took the land for Prawn cultivation. Since 2000, farm has been closed. Farmers went out in search of jobs now the government is trying to make housing plots out of this land for outsiders, but not for locals.
  • From Nagamma (Nagalduka Mandal, Viaywada). “We are agricultural labourers, we live outside the main village, we have no house. We are humiliated. Our voices should be heard.”
  • From Ms Anjamma (Puttuvelu Mandal, Vijaywada) “We live in small huts. There are no housing patta. Government wants us to vacate the land. We met DC and other officials many times. Our livelihood is only related with the place where we live.”
  • From K Shivamma (Vijaywada). “Got house site. House burnt in summer. I am asking for new house, but nobody is listening.”
  • From G Baburao (Vijaywada). “For 20 years we are cultivating 50 acre land and paying taxes. Land is not yet allotted.”
  • From Chandram (Durgapuram). “30 members from same village came who are constantly asking for housing site. We have  apprached many officials.
  • From Dindy village, “There is no space for dispose the dead body. Demanding land for the graveyard. We are discriminated as we are dalit. The upper caste people manipulate everything .
  • From Incharaiya (Chandrapur). “Have got a house site but it is in a water logged area. During rains we cannot live there.”
  • From Rajaram (padgatiga village of Krishna district) “We identified 2 acres land for agriculture, and applied for the porumbak land, but since a powerful person is occupying land it is not yet issued”.
  • From Nageshwar Rao (Chinnatambi), “We are on forest land for about 80 years the forest guard is destroying the forest in order to damage our claim on the land he is demanding bribes. The total land is 1232 acres, 487 families live there. We are a mixed group of SC & STs. Sts are given the patta but SCs are left out. Even STs got only 2 acres.
  • Ms Jyoti (Odour village): 30 families came from this village they are using assigned land for producing food. The officials are trying to occupy the land for other dalits as a particular group belongs to powerful political party. Problems are treated on party lines.
  • Solmen Raju (Vijaywada): “57 acres assigned land available in the village but is in the hands of upper caste, and they forced us from this land. We are asking for restoration of this land.  The upper caste people took away the document of the assignment, the gov officials get entertained by the upper caste so they don’t want to listen us.”

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